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Home visits

We'll come to you

In most situations your pet will be able to receive the best care by coming into our practice where we have our equipment and team on hand to help. We therefore recommend that you have a plan for transporting your pet to the practice when needed, especially if an emergency arose.

We understand that there are certain times that you may not be able to attend the surgery or may not want to come into the clinical environment and we will endeavour to provide house visits in these situations although, as we are a small team, it may not always be possible depending on what is going on in the practice at the time. If you think you will require a house visit please give us as much notice as possible so we can try to accommodate you.

Please note that home visits can not be accommodated out of hours so you will be required to transport your pets to our out of hours provider in the case of an emergency.

Did you know?

It is always best to have a plan for how you would transport your pet if an emergency arose, as per the 2008 Animal Welfare Act.

We accommodate home visits for euthanasia if requested to allow you to say goodbye to your beloved pets in familiar and less stressful surroundings.

For sick animals it is always best to visit in practice if possible as we have all of our equipment and full team to hand.

Our team are able to give advice if your pet is not a good traveller.

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