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Breeding Advice

To breed or not to breed

We are happy to work with responsible breeders to help keep mum and babies safe.

Services we offer are:

  • BSAVA hip and elbow scoring x-rays

  • Blood sampling for progesterone

  • Ultrasound scanning to confirm pregnancy

  • Diet and worming advice

  • Whelping and queening advice

  • Advice on specialist genetic testing


Please note that we do not support the selective breeding of extreme features in breeds which might impact on their welfare. This includes, for example, severely reduced muzzle length, stenotic nares, excessive skin folds and the inability to mate and give birth naturally.


We are happy to offer pre-breeding assessments if you have a breed where these features might be a concern. We support schemes such as the French Bulldog Club of England health scheme to help reduce and eliminate such problems.

Did you know?

An emergency c-section out-of-hours could cost between £2000-3000 so it is best to be prepared, especially in at-risk breeds.

Cat and dog pregnancy scans can take place from around 16 and 28 days respectively.

The only way of counting puppies accurately is to x-ray due to the anatomy of the uterus making scans inaccurate.

Breeding is not always a straightforward task so it is important to do your research first and be prepared for any eventuality.

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