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Prescribing policy

We have a legal requirement to clinically assess patients requiring medication at regular intervals. The interval will depend on the condition and the medication(s) prescribed and will usually be every 3-6 months. Whilst it might seem that these reassessments are very frequent it is important to bear in mind that a human year equates to around 7 years of a cat or dog’s life so changes can occur more quickly for them than for us.

Sometimes medications can be purchased online for less than we are able to supply them due to the purchasing power and reduced overheads of online pharmacies compared to our small practice. If you would like to purchase your medications online please request a written prescription from us. There will be a charge of £14 for this service and we require 24 hours notice to prepare it. If purchasing medications online please check that the supplier is a VMD Accredited Pharmacy.

Repeat prescriptions

Clients can order food and repeat prescriptions by giving 24 to 48 hours notice.  Prescriptions not picked up within 5 working days of ordering will be put back in stock unless a specific date for collection has been agreed.

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