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Parasite prevention


Uninvited guests

There are lots of parasites, both internal and external, which your pets could become infected with.

Treatment of both the pet and the environment are important and we can advise on the best plan for your pet’s lifestyle. We offer a range of products, including spot-on treatments for pets who are difficult to medicate.

There are a number of parasites in the UK which we can advise on but it is worth doing further research if travelling with your pet as other parasites are endemic to different countries and can act as vectors for other diseases.

We offer our Pawsome Pet Club which is a monthly direct debit to cover flea and worm treatments to make sure your pet is kept whilst spreading the costs.

Did you know?

Some parasites can be transferred to humans, especially children, so it is important to regularly treat your pets.

Protozoal infections such as giardia can cause diarrhoea in both animals and humans but can be easily detected and treated.

Fleas can infect your house as well as your pet. A single female flea can lay 50 eggs a day so prevention is better than cure.

Some parasites, such as ticks, can transmit other diseases which are less easy to treat like Lyme disease.

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