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Get to the root of the problem

Dental hygiene is an important and sometimes an overlooked aspect of pet healthcare. We are fully equipped to offer dentistry in-house for cats, dogs, rabbits and rodents. A dental assessment is included in every booster appointment as standard.

Our nursing team are available to advise and demonstrate good practice animal dental hygiene to clients, preventing the need for more serious treatment.

Did you know?

Rabbits’ teeth constantly grow making them prone to dental disease. A diet high in hay can help prevent problems. Jenny, our dedicated rabbit nurse, is always happy to talk about rabbit diets.

Most insurance companies will not cover dental work unless due to trauma so always check your small print. There are a few that will cover dental work if your pet has had a yearly check-up.

Just as it is for us, daily brushing is important in maintaining healthy teeth and gums in your dogs. Not only that but it can increase your pet’s life span.

Periodontal disease is the most common disease in adult cats and dogs but it can be hard to notice without a thorough check.

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