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Weight loss clinics

Has your pet over indulged? 

We unfortunately see a lot of pets who struggle to maintain a healthy weight. This can be a combination of diet and lifestyle and sometimes underlying medical conditions such as an underactive thyroid. Carrying extra weight can have an impact on your pet’s quality of life and lead to other diseases such as arthritis, diabetes and breathing difficulties.

If your pet is struggling to lose the pounds then get in touch and we can give you details of our Canines, Cats and Calories Club which is run by Kate who has a further qualification in nutrition. This involves her looking at their current diet and working out their requirements so they are able to lose weight whilst still enjoying a few treats.


We are also always happy for you to pop in to weigh your pet and let us have a look so we can assess if they are at the correct weight or not.

Did you know?

It is estimated that 51% of dogs, 44% of cats and 29% of small mammals are overweight or obese in the UK. 

Studies have shown that dogs fed to lean condition from early puppyhood throughout life can enjoy up to 2 more healthy active years.

Often overlooked sources of extra calories include ‘human’ food, dental chews and extra meat with meals.

A dog may require anywhere between 200-1000 calories per day dependent on size and lifestyle. Cats requires 250-300 calories per day. For reference, human daily calorie intake is 2000 for women and 2500 for men.

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