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Friends reunited

Microchipping is the easiest way of making sure your pet can be reunited with you should they go missing. It involves injecting a small chip about the size of a grain of rice under your pet’s skin. This chip has a unique number on it which links to your details in the database which need to be kept up to date by yourself.

It is now a legal requirement for both cats and dogs to be microchipped and owners can be fined if their pet does not have a chip. Other species are also able to be microchipped.


Puppies are required by law to be microchipped by 8weeks old by their breeder before being sold.  

Kittens are now required by law to be microchipped by 20 weeks old and we usually do this at the time of neutering. Adult cats have until the 10th June 2024 to be microchipped since the new law has come into effect.

Did you know

Dogs are legally required to be microchipped by 8 weeks old in the UK and the fine for not complying can be up to £2000.

The British Small Animal Associated estimates that since 1996, when microchips were introduced, over 4 million animals have returned home.

Unfortunately pet theft, especially of dogs, has been on the increase and microchipping helps to prevent the sale of stolen pets.

If you find a ‘stray’ cat it is always worth bringing them in to be scanned for a microchip before getting too attached as they often adopt more than one house in search of extra food.

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