Puppy parties


Socialising made easy

We offer puppy parties to allow a safe space for puppies to interact and socialise. During these events our nursing team will advise on relevant topics such as behaviour, training, diet and healthcare. They also give your puppy a chance to come into the clinic under low stress circumstances which can help reduce stress if treatments are required in the future. If you are interested in coming to puppy parties please call to discuss availability.

Did you know?

Unvaccinated puppies can safely socialise with vaccinated dogs in their own environment but must avoid public areas until fully covered.

Puppies 3 -17 weeks of age are in their 'critical socialisation period' and experiences during this period will influence and shape their behaviour into adulthood.

10% of dogs do not come back when called by their owners and 9% of dog owners are concerned about their dogs behaviour while walking them.

A lack of socialisation is one of the main causes for the increase in dog behavioural issues along with owners not understanding canine behaviour and communication.