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Behaviour Consults with Dr Grace Paxton

Grace is currently training to become a behaviour specialist and can now offer a behavioural package to help with common issues such as resource guarding, dog aggression and reactivity.

60-80% of behavioural issues can be attributed to pain or medical issues. Aversive methods such as prong and e-collars often exacerbate behavioural issues in the long run.


Meeting breed specific needs can help resolve behavioural issues and can be achieved by activities such as scent training, agility and food enrichment.


Many behavioural issues can be avoided by choosing a good breeder, an appropriate breed for your lifestyle and early socialisation and training.

A behaviour package includes:

  • Pre-consult questionnaire to pinpoint issues.

  • Initial 45-minute consultation including video gait analysis. 

  • Suggestions for further treatments or investigation if needed. Note: many behavioural issues can have pain or medical conditions underlying.

  • A full written report of findings and suggested on-going plan.

  • Support after initial consultation

  • Follow up review consultation 4-6 weeks after the initial consultation to check progress.

Packages are priced at £150 and may be claimable on insurance depending on your policy.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Pre Appointment Questionnaire 

Please take the time to download and complete our pre-appointment questionnaire.

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